Chapter History

Getting Started

Parkersburg High School officially became chartered as the "Beaver Valley FFA Chapter" on February 5th, 1944. However, the high school did have a vocational agricultural education program prior to chartering. The first vocational agricultural educator was Mr. Kruse in 1940. He resigned mid year due to an illness. Mr. Shaw then stepped in to teach courses until 1943. During the 1943-1944 school year, Mr. Andrew Evans arrived to aid students in earning a charter from the Iowa FFA Association. Earning a charter during these years was quite unique for the Future Farmers of America. Charters in the state and nation drastically decreased during World War II since so many young men headed off to fight for their country. During a time when 8-12 charters were issued each year post 1935, Parkersburg was one of only three during the 1944 year. We are very fortunate to have a chapter that survived during a time when many struggled!

A few miles away and a decade later, Aplington Consolidated High School officially became chartered as the "Aplington FFA Chapter". Under the direction of advisor Vernon Herwig, students earned their charter from the Iowa FFA Association on October 1st, 1954. Parkersburg High School officially rechartered, updating their name to the "Parkersburg FFA Chapter" (changing the name from the Beaver Valley FFA Chapter) on February 12th, 1965. 

In the early 1990's, Aplington FFA shared with the "Ackley FFA Chapter" for a short time before the merger of Aplington and Parkersburg. Ackley FFA had continued on in their success and is now known as the "AGWSR FFA Chapter" today. Parkersburg FFA invited New Hartford students over for a brief stint prior to the merger in 1992. Although they never earned a charter between 1988 to 1992, they operated under the name of "South Butler FFA" during that time. Since then, New Hartford H.S. had merged with Dike H.S. in 1996 and from then until 2019, had not had an FFA Chapter. In 2019, Dike-New Hartford and Gladbrook-Reinbeck jointly chartered as "T-55 FFA". In 2022, "Dike-New Hartford FFA Chapter" was chartered while Gladbrook-Reinbeck remained T-55 FFA. Both chapters are now growing rapidly!

The "Aplington-Parkersburg FFA Chapter" was chartered on November 17th, 1992. The advisor during this time was Mike Weckworth who had been present to join the two schools together as one FFA Chapter.

Since that time, the Aplington-Parkersburg FFA Chapter has continued to grow and expand to become one of the rising FFA chapters in the state. Dating back to 1944, through many name changes and consolidations, A-P FFA was the 115th charter issued statewide that still exists today. Currently, the A-P FFA Chapter consists of students from in and around the towns of Aplington, Austinville, Kesley, and Parkersburg. The chapter is currently working to document the rich history of FFA in the Aplington-Parkersburg community and surrounding area.  If you have any information or history you would like to share, please contact the Aplington-Parkersburg FFA Chapter.