County Fair Forms

FFA Nomination & Entry for Butler and Grundy Co. Fairs

FFA members interested in showing at the Butler or Grundy county fairs will nominate animals using the forms found on their websites OR by using the links further down this page under each respective fair. Additionally, there is very pertinent information regarding both fairs below their entry links.

 - There is a difference between fair "nominations" and "entries".

- Nomination/ID - You are presenting that the animal exist, is in plans to be used, and has potential to be entered later on.

- Entry - You are "entering" an animal in the system to be shown at the fair. This is stating intent to bring an animal so staff can plan on livestock numbers. 

Important Dates:


Exhibitors are responsible for completing entries on the county level, the FFA advisor is not. Identifying your animals by May 15th DOES NOT automatically enter you in County or State Fair classes. 

State fair nominations/entries for FFA are different than county fair entries. State fair nominations/entries for FFA are completed on the state fair entry database and that is completed by the FFA advisor. Once again, the advisor does state fair entries, NOT county fair!

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