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Falcon Growers Plant Sale May 8-10th, 2024

Thank you for everyone's support of our 2024 Plant Sale!

Welcome to the Falcon Growers Greenhouse!

Welcome to the A-P FFA Plant Sale page. To start, a brief history and summary of our greenhouse. Scroll photos to the right to see more!

In 2014, plans had begun to build a greenhouse at A-P High School. Carlton Ness was the instructor at the time and he and his students began formulating ideas for the location, uses, and functionality of the building. Grants were applied for and received, and construction began in 2015 on the 27x25' greenhouse. The location was set right outside of the Ag room to make access for students as easy as possible. The first sale was held in 2016. 

Since then, it has always been the intention to provide our community with beautiful flowers while being able to support our Ag Sciences Program and FFA chapter. Eight years later, the greenhouse has and continues to be used year round for the Ag Program. These uses include the raising of broiler chickens in stock tanks from September to February, soils labs year around, fruit sales produce storage in November, the plant sale from mid February to May, or storage in the summer. 

In 2023, students in the Horticulture course identified that there is value in a brand for recognition and marketing purposes. Promptly, they charged forward in an effort to create one. Their goals were to have an easily recognizable, descriptive logo, and one that does not necessarily confine the sales to be limited to annual flowers and vegetables. 

The greenhouse continues to serve our students well in inquiry-based instruction. We will be in the process of doing our first updates and restorations in the 2023-2024 school year to maintain the building. In the future, we look forward to the potential of providing our community with perennial flowers, shrubs, and trees! 

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Special Thank You To...

We want to showcase a very special person that is integral to the Falcon Growers Greenhouse. Shirley Peckosh of Robins, Iowa has been instrumental in the success of our annual plant sale. Equipped with nearly four decades of experience in the greenhouse and nursery business; she has brought her expertise to our program. 

Starting in 2020, she had begun helping the students by showing them how to select for plants, put good management practices in place to raise healthy plants, design hanging baskets, and how to market their sale. As time has moved on, she has helped train students on delivering a quality buying experiences for our customers during their annual sale. In all aspects, her knowledge of "the biz", is now being positively reflected through real world, hands-on experiences that our students are engaging with in Horticulture class. 

Shirley has had such an impact on our students and FFA members that they had selected her to be a recipient of the Chapter Honorary FFA Degree at the 2022 Banquet. Her expertise and guidance have made our chapter plant sale more successful than ever before and her passion for the industry has been passed on to our students. We want to say thank you once again to Shirley Peckosh!

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