Chapter Online Store

2023 Clothing & Apparel 

Each year our chapter works with 1-800 TShirts (formerly Envisions) out of Dubuque to put together an online clothing and apparel store. At the annual officer retreat, the team creates a design for the online store. They also work on color schemes and narrow it down to two choices for the chapter to members to vote on at the Back to School BBQ/first meeting of the school year. The pictures on the right is the designs/options that members voted on for this year.

We encourage all chapter members to purchase a t-shirt for the year and they can choose to purchase any other items they wish. We want all members to have a shirt that they can wear for the annual FFA group photo for the yearbook. If a member cannot purchase a shirt and is in need of one, please reach out to the advisor and they will secure a t-shirt for them!

The link for this year's store can be found here: 

Former Designs