Swine Jackpot Show

A-P FFA Alumni Swine Jackpot Show

The A-P FFA Alumni and Supporters Chapter holds an annual swine jackpot show in conjunction with the Iowa Swine Jackpot Series (ISJS) each year at the end of April or early May. The show is held at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison, Iowa. Without the support of the Butler County Fair Board and the ISU Butler County Extension office, this show could not be made possible. 

We are fortunate to have a nearby chapter host at this site with us, but in their own separate show. The Nashua-Plainfield FFA Alumni and Supporters runs their show alongside ours, which provides a more competitive and enjoyable experience for youth and their families. It is important to the A-P FFA Alumni that our outreach extends beyond our local students alone. By providing a host site on the circuit, we provide opportunities to students all over the state of Iowa. The annual jackpot show in Allison began in 2021 and continues today. It is with pride that we are part of this circuit and we look forward to providing this opportunity to youth all around the state of Iowa for years to come. 

Swine Jackpot at Butler County Fairgrounds

Aerial photo courtesy of Kelly Eilderts.

More About ISJS

Iowa Swine Jackpot Series is organized to promote youth education and involvement in the swine industry.  ISJS is open to Junior members (youth 21 years and under as of January 1 of the current year).

The purpose of ISJS is to encourage young people to learn about all phases of the swine industry by making an educated buying decision and taking proper care of their animals from feeder pig to market hog and learning about how to make the best of their animal in the show ring.  ISJS then rewards members for their hard work and dedication to the swine industry.

Many of our members raise their own pigs from farrow to finish and are faced with every day management decisions.  The importance of swine health and nutrition is addressed from the time of conception to a finished product.

ISJS will sanction shows in Iowa who wish to take advantage of the show circuit.  Each show will have several breed divisions for market hogs, breeding gilts as well as a showmanship contest where members can receive sweepstake points.  The showmanship division places importance on the member's show ring abilities and their swine project knowledge.

Members will compete for points in several divisions at each show throughout the summer which will culminate in one Grand Finale and the end of the season.  Members will compete against each other in a live show, showmanship contest, skillathon, obstacle course, speech contest and any other like activities the board puts together.  The intent of the Grand Finale is to allow youth a chance to showcase the skills they've gained from their project, their passion for the swine industry and to allow members to develop lifelong friendships.  At the conclusion of the activities and shows we will have a dinner and end of the year awards ceremony to present the season long awards for those who competed in the circuit.

Through this association the youth learn to exhibit good sportsmanship, responsibility and a desire to remain involved in the swine industry.  This association helps to prepare youth for their future in the agricultural industry and holds great value to all who participate, parents, youth and siblings as well as sponsors and breeders.

100% of proceeds from sponsorships and enrollment fees will go back into maintaining the website, sending out newsletters and awards for the youth at the end of the season.

2023 Schedule, 2024 Coming Soon